Luke 8:19-53

Notes & Transcripts

1. Intro: In the beginning of this chapter we see that Jesus had a lot of people following him. He told them the Parable of the Sower. Jesus was not impressed by the large numbers of people there to listen. He was interested in those letting the word of God in their hearts.

2. Luke 8:19

1. Subject: Christ's true Family

1. Where was Jesus at? This was in the region of Galilee.

2. Was Jesus being rude by not going out and seeing his Mom and brothers? His focus was on teaching that those who obey the Word of God are His true family. he wasn't disowning his family. Keep in mind that at his death on the cross he gave John the responsibility of taking care of his mother.

2. Objective: Jesus' true family are those who believe in the word of God. It is the spiritual family.

3. Application: Jesus also said in the Gospels that unless you hate your mother, father, brother and sister you are not worthy to follow me. He was using a comparison of who you should be willing to or motivated to follow. When we were serving on the missions field to many people we were close to they saw it as a mean thing to do family and selfish. We weren't motivated by selfishness but by our love for Jesus.

3. Luke 8:22

1. Subject: Calming the Storm

1. Which lake were they crossing? Sea of Galilee

2. How did Jesus not wake up as the water had to have been falling on him? This is an example of the exhausting pace in Jesus' ministry at this point in the Gospel.

3. What does it mean to rebuke a non-personal object? The word in the Greek is lego. It means to tell or to speak.

2. Objective: We can have faith in Jesus in the most dire situations. He has control over even mother nature.

4. Luke 8:26

1. Subject: Demons are Cast into Swine

1. Does this contradict Matthew's account in Matthew 8:28-34, where it states that there were two demon possessed men? No this doesn't not contradict at all. Just because this doesn't mention the other person doesn't mean that he wasn't there, but it is plausible that Luke was giving a witness to the person in which the demons who called themselves Legion were speaking.

2. Why was this man living out in the tombs? Proverbs 18:1, A man who isolates himself seeks his own desire; He rages against all wise judgment.

1. Also, who else was driven out into the wilderness? Jesus. the Spirit drove him into the wilderness for development, the demonic will drive you into the wilderness for destruction.

3. Why would the demon ask Jesus not to torment him? The demons had already been commanded to come out of the man. In doing so, the only place that had that they could go is to the abyss. They knew they would be in this place of confinement until being released during the Tribulation period. They knew that that was a place of torment. it is interesting that they knew who Jesus is, in contrast to what the disciples knew about him in Vs. 25.

4. Why would the demons want to enter into the swine? Again, they were wanting to avoid being tormented by being sent to hell. This was not uncaring of Jesus. The destruction was caused by the demons. The second thing to understand is that it wasn't that Jesus didn't care about the animals, but just like the Old Testament teaches the value of man is surpassing because we are made in the image of God. Jesus cast the demons into the swine for the greater good of the man.

5. Did the demons cause the swine to kill themselves or did the swine respond independently due to the possession? See above statement.

6. Why wouldn't jesus let the man go with him? Sometimes the best person to reach out to a community is a person in whom it is unmistakable that a work of God has been done and is a local that everyone is familiar with. Many times God does a great work in a person's life and the first thing we are wanting and willing to do is to go out and be missionaries to the world. Many times though it is a great start to let people know who are right at our doorstep. Look at the link between what Jesus commanded him to do. Tell what great things God has done for you and what he told everyone. Jesus did these great things for me.

2. Objective: Even the demons recognize who Jesus is because He has authority over them. When we allow him to have authority in our lives we need to tell others about

5. Luke 8:41

1. Subject: A Woman is Healed

1. What is a ruler of the synagogue? A ruler of the synagogue was the man who was in charge of arranging the service. He would choose who would read scripture or lead in prayer for each service.

2. What could cause a continual flow of blood for 12 years? Whatever the cause of the flow it was some type of hemorrhage. This hemorrhage would have made her unclean. She would have been excluded from many social settings and worship for being unclean. She was desperate and untouchable. Jesus instead drew himself to her and healed her and called her "daughter".

2. Objective: Jesus does not look down upon the social outcasts, instead he loves them and he draws himself to them so they can be healed.

6. Luke 8:49

1. Subject: Jairus's Daughter Raised

1. Why did Jesus only allow certain people in? Why did he allow anyone else in at all? I'm not sure why Jesus didn't let everyone in. It is apparent that Jesus did have situations to where John Peter and James were the only disciples able to witness personally certain acts. This could very well been a grooming act of disciplining these three.

2. Who ridiculed Jesus in the house? In verse 51 it states that he sent everyone out of the house except the three disciples, the father and the mother? This was still most likely the crowd. Just because they were not allowed to go in doesn't mean that weren't watching and listening. Some could have started to stray in behind Jesus thus the reason it says that he put everyone outside.

2. Objective: Jesus has the power to bring the dead to life.

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