Luke 9:27-62

Notes & Transcripts

1. Luke 9:27-36; 2 Peter 1:16-18

1. Subject: The Mount Of Transfiguration

2. Objective: For the Disciples to see Jesus in his Glory and to hear the Father give witness of His Son.

3. Application: How does seeing Jesus exalted impact you? The Pastor's Prayer breakfast we looked through Colossians passages. These passages encouraged us as we lifted up Jesus in His rightful place in our heart. The result. Renewed strength, and the ability to confront some upcoming challenges with this renewed strength.

1. Vs. 27. How will some not taste death till they see the Kingdom of God?

1. At the very least this refers directly to the transfiguration, however many suggest that this also is speaking of the resurrection and ascension, and the day of Pentecost. The spread of the Gospel is another view.

2. Which mountain?

1. Some suggest Mount Tabor and it is the traditional view. Two problems:

1. Caesarea Philippi is a long way away.

2. A military post was located there at the time. FSB reference

2. Mount Hermon has been also a suggestion and is very possible.

3. The Narrative states that it was Moses and Elijah, but how did Peter know that it was? I believe they were given this information through the spiritual gift of, word of knowledge.

4. Notice that in the spiritual realm Jesus' death was already known and anticipated.

1. Why does it mention that they were heavy with sleep and then that they were fully awake? It appears that they were asleep when Moses and Elijah first came. When they woke up they saw them standing there talking with Jesus.

5. How did Peter know that it was Moses and Elijah?

1. Jesus told them and that part of the conversation is not recorded.

2. The Holy Spirit gave the gift of knowledge.

1. Spiritual knowledge that is impossible to get outside of the Spirit sharing it with you.

2. Luke 9:37-42

1. Subject: The Demon Possessed Son is Healed

2. Objective: Fasting and Prayer is a needed constant attitude that we need and that Jesus has.

3. Application: Just like the disciples we need to have an attitude of continually drawing near to the Lord through prayer and dying to our own selfish fleshly needs and desires. Really it seems to come down to an attitude of walking in the Spirit and not living in the flesh as it states in Galatians 5.

1. Why couldn't they cast the demons out? Matt. 17:20-21 This states that it was because of their unbelief. Jesus then went on to say that this demon can only be cast out by fasting and prayer.

3. Luke 9:43-45

1. Subject: Jesus Tells the Disciples of His Death

2. Objective: So that the disciples would know that everything is under control and going as planned when it happens.

3. Application: Sometimes Jesus may share with us something that is going to happen in our walk, or we read through scripture and see that the world may be in a very scary place which doesn't seem to be getting any better. Our tendency is to just want to give up or become discouraged. It is just as important for us to remember that Jesus is in control. We don't need to run around scared all of the time. We need to be able to share with the world the hope that is in Jesus. Nothing is out of God's control.

1. Why didn't they understand what Jesus was telling them plainly? This shows us that although part of the ignorance of the disciples is unavoidable, part of it was also willful. It is possible that they could not perceive what Jesus was saying because they also would not receive it. -KJV Study Bible

4. Luke 9:46-50

1. Subject: What Makes One Great

2. Objective: To tell the difference of what makes a person great on earth compared to the heavenly kingdom.

3. Application: We need to have a humble heart and a heart that is willing to receive from other believers which is receiving from Jesus. We also need to make sure we understand how dependent we truly are. These are key components of humility. Willingness to receive and become dependent upon the Lord.

1. What does receiving a child have to do with receiving Jesus and the Father? Jesus's followers are to become like little children. Since this is the little child should also represent the child as well. Anyone who responds to a disciple of Jesus is like a response to Jesus Himself.

2. What does it mean that the least is the greatest? This is a statement about humility and dependency. A child is completely dependent upon others and is normally willingly accepting of those provisions being provided by someone who is able.

3. How did people cast out demons that weren't directly following the group of disciples?

1. Since the Kingdom work was not exclusive to the 12 disciples it shows us that this work is the responsibility of all of Jesus' followers. - FSB

5. Luke 9:51-56

1. Subject: Samaria Rejects Jesus

2. Objective: There was an unwillingness to receive Jesus based on prejudiced tension. Some of the disciples held the same view. Both contrasted with Jesus.

3. Application: Do we allow our own prejudices to stop us from receiving God's word. We may have racial issues, theological or sexist prejudices. We shouldn't allow any of these issues of ours prohibit us from hearing the message God has to share with us.

1. What does it mean that Jesus steadfastly set his face towards Jerusalem? Jesus main focus here was to get to Jerusalem

2. Why wouldn't the Samaritans receive him because of this? We must also remember that just because the people from Sychar received Jesus doesn't mean that all of the other Samaritans did.

3. Why did James and John want to command fire to come down? At the time it was due to their lack of love. They were ready to see God's judgement upon them for their lack of belief. Jesus was acting in a spirit of Elijah, which was the Holy Spirit leading in love.

6. Luke 9:57

1. Subject: True Cost of Discipleship

2. Objective: To show the importance of denying what you want and putting Jesus And His desires above yours.

3. Application: Are we willing to lay it all on the line? Are we willing to give up our life long dreams and follow what Jesus is asking us to do? When we become disciples our life becomes about Him not ourselves.

1. What was Jesus' point in saying this?

1. The point of Jesus saying this would have been to let them know that they would be giving up a life as they know it. It might not always be comfortable and warm and nice. Quite the opposite would more than likely happen. It was happening to the Lord Himself.

2. Was it cold for Jesus to say let the dead bury their own dead.

1. No. The Point of what Jesus was saying here is that the demands of the Kingdom of God override all earthly loyalties. -Reformation Study Bible

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