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A piece of space history that was thought to have been destroyed resurfaced and will be recovered. According to an article in the online magazine Motherboard, NASA officials believed the prototype lunar rover, built in 1965 had been scrapped. The next day, a classified ad showed up in an Alabama newspaper advertising an auction on the unique vehicle. The rover was originally spotted by an Air Force historian who was visiting his mother. He took pictures of the vehicle and alerted NASA. Before officials arrived, the vehicle was sold to a scrap dealer, who recognized what it was and decided to redeem it rather than turn it into scrap metal. A spokesperson for the auction says NASA officials have verified that it is genuine, but the dealer must be sure he has a legal title to the rover before he sells it. —Jim L. Wilson and Jim Sandell

Lunar Rover Lost ... and Found: NASA Moon Buggy Saved by Scrap Dealer

by Robert Z. Pearlman, http://www.space.com/30967-nasa-moon-buggy-saved-scrap-dealer.html, Accessed October 29, 2015.

Psalm 40:2 (HCSB) “He brought me up from a desolate pit, out of the muddy clay, and set my feet on a rock, making my steps secure.”

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