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When Journey Baptist Church sold their building, they had plans to build in a new location that was in a better location and gave them room to grow. They purchased a new site, but found that building a new structure cost too much, so they decided to continue meeting in temporary facilities. Then, the church heard about a mission board’s decision to reduce the numbers of staff and missionaries on the field because of decreasing funds. The church prayed about how they could help and the Lord opened the doors for them. A local man who wanted to start a new ministry in the area contacted them about purchasing the new location, and another church offered them a place to meet that would meet their needs for as long as they needed it. The church then voted to give all of their reserve funding to the mission board. The pastor Kyle Ray said the more they prayed about it, the more convinced they were that the church did not need to spend money on a new building. The church gave $29,000 to the mission board and Kyle says they have also increased the percentage of giving every month. He said their prayer focus was based on three things. “(1) If we truly seek first God’s kingdom, not our own, then He will take care of these other things. (2) Are we going to believe it is better to give than receive? (3) Will we love our neighbors more than ourselves?”—Jim L. Wilson and Jim Sandell

Missions-focused church donates reserve funds to IMB, By Jane Rodgers, http://bpnews.net/bpnews?id=45967, Accessed December 07, 2015.

1 Corinthians 9:23 (HCSB) “Now I do all this because of the gospel, so I may become a partner in its benefits.”

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