Are you Contagious

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Are you Contagious…with the Love of God?

Isaiah 43:1-13

CLIP: “The Sneeze”


Are you convinced…that God still does amazing things?

Are you convicted…that this world needs Jesus?

Are you contaminated…with the love of God?

Are You Contagious?

Isaiah 43:1-12

How God has poured out His love for us:

1.   He has called us by name (v. 1)

a.    Why is this important?

b.   Because with our name comes our identity!

2.   He is present in our panic (v. 2)

a.    Have you ever been held underwater?

b.   Fifteen and just learning to surf…

c.    Isaiah hits on the two most terrifying experiences that a person can go through.

3.   He paid our ransom (v. 4)

a.    He held nothing back to bring us to himself

b.   Even the lives of others (Seba, Cush, Jesus)

So…in light of such great love how should we respond?

Ø Don’t be afraid…(v. 5)

Ø No matter what circumstances we find ourselves in

Instead…we need to accept our mission:

1.   Bring out the blind and deaf (v. 8)

a.    We are called to intervene in the lives of our friends and family who are blind and deaf to God’s love for them

2.   Gather the Nations together (v. 9)

a.    We are called to be a unifying force in this world

b.   Among other races

c.    Among other Christians

3.   Be a Witness to God’s greatness (v. 10)

a.    How are we to intervene? By being a witness,

b.   You don’t have to go get your soap box out…

c.    You are one beggar telling another beggar where to find food.

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