Are You Contaminated

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Are You Contaminated…with the Love of God?

1 John 4:7-12

Outbreak Clip

Review:     Are you convinced…that God still does amazing things?

                   Are you convicted…that this world needs Jesus?

Before you can be contagious, you have to be first CONTAMINATED…with the love of God.

The Way Love Operates:

1.    Our love for God is proven by our love for one another

a.     Anyone who loves is born of God (v. 7)

b.    BUT…anyone whose life isn’t characterized by love is NOT born of God? (v. 8)

c.     How would you characterize your love life? How would others?

2.    God’s love for us is proven by the sacrificial death of His Son, Jesus

a.     God showed His love for a lost world when Jesus died on the Cross (v. 9) (John 15:13—“greater love has no man…”

b.    Not that we loved God, but that He loved us first! (v. 10)

c.     In other words…it wasn’t that God was motivated by our love

d.    Which is easier to love? Those who show you love or show you hatred?

3.    Because God has loved us so much we should love others the way that God loves us…sacrificially!

a.     When we love others the way that God loves us the “Love Triangle” is complete!

God’s Love Triangle:

So, the question becomes… “Are you contaminated?” Has God’s love so impacted your life that you will never be the same?

When someone has been contaminated they can no longer hide the symptoms!

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