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Are You Convicted…That This World Needs Jesus?

Isaiah 59:1-2, 9-16

Review: Are you convinced…that God still does amazing things?

This world is in sad shape!

Ø Jessica Lunsford

Q:    What is the root of all this misery?

A:    Sin!

Q:    What is Sin?

A:    Any thought, word or action that you do which is opposite of what God would want you to do.

How does sin affect us?

Isaiah 59:1-2, 9-11

1. Unanswered Prayer (v. 1-2) —Because sin separates us from God he will not hear our prayers

2. Despair (v.9) –Because of our separation we begin to

                             lose that life can be different

3. Spiritual Blindness (v. 10) –Sin can prevent us from seeing our lives clearly. We are

unable to see what God’s plans for us are!

4. Total Frustration (v. 11) –We look for justice, for a

reason to continue on but we can’t find any.

Can you see how Sin is a progression?

Unanswered prayers → Despair → Blindness → Frustration

Does this sound like a picture of this world? Of your life?

So what are we to do?

Isaiah 59:15-16

Ø The Lord himself worked out salvation for us!

Salvation has been provided and offered to us and it is our responsibility to share it with the world!

Philippians 2:9-10

Ø Every knee WILL bow!

Ø Either now (and live) or latter (and die!)

Are you convicted of the fact that this world needs Jesus?

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