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Are you Convinced…God still does Amazing Things?

Mark 2:1-12


Ø Nothing really amazes us anymore

Ø Because our life has become so average and mundane we assume there is nothing else out there for us

The Cast of Characters

Ø The Paralyzed Man—probably felt this way

o   Probably lived his whole life this way

o   Carried a chip on his shoulder

o   Unable to work probably made him a beggar

Ø The Four Friends—they were convinced that there was more to life

o   Kinda strange that they were his friends since the paralyzed man was probably the lowest of the low in society

o   Cared enough about him to help

o   They believed that Jesus could and would do something big

“Seeing Their Faith”

Q: What was it that moved the heart of Jesus?

A: The faith of the four friends

Ø Notice also how it said that he SAW their faith. What they believed impacted the way they lived!

Ø That is what I have spent my entire ministry here trying to see take place in your life.

Right here, right now are you convinced that God still works miracles? That He can heal your life?

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