Desperate Times, Desperate Measures

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Desperate Times…Desperate Measures

Mark 5:21-35

Background & Setting

v  Jesus is back in the area that He was teaching in Chapter 4.

v  It is possible that both Jairus and the Unnamed Woman were in that first crowd.

Cast of Characters

Jesus- the most famous Jewish Rabbi of the time living in a Jewish world

Jairus- a synagogue ruler, very prominent man in society (Basically, he’s a big shot!) 1 of only 2 people to whom Mark gives a name.

Unnamed Woman- probably late teens or early 20s. Has suffered with bleeding for the last 12 years.

o   She’s an outcast with more than just a medical condition, social, emotional & religious implications as well.

o   Because of this persistent problem, she is continually “ceremonially unclean”

o   Never allowed to touch or be touched by anyone or they would be “unclean” (Lev. 15:34-35)

v. 27-   Knowing that Jesus is her last hope, at great risk, she puts her plan into motion

Jesus’ Response

v  He stops- he placed this no-named woman’s needs above that of Jairus!

v  He draws attention to the fact that he had physical contact with her!

v  He listens…to her whole story!

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