I AM the Bread of Life

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“I AM the Bread of Life”

John 6:22-40

Introduction to Study

Background on John’s Gospel & Context of Story

VV. 22-25

Ø “How did you get here?” Why did they care? A: They wanted another free lunch!

Ø Jesus saw through all of this!

VV. 26-28

Ø They missed the point! As a Jew to receive the reward of heaven you had to keep ALL of the Law. You had to work for it!

VV. 29-30, 31

Ø Jesus says what you must DO is BELIEVE!

Ø Obviously, they weren’t happy with his response because they went from asking what they should do, to asking what He was gonna do for them!!!

Ø That is a very dangerous attitude to adopt!

Ø They are insinuating that Moses is greater than Jesus.

VV. 32-34

Ø The English Translation loses some of the meaning. “has given”—Perfect, “gives”—Present

Ø Perfect tense shows a past event that has implications in the future. When Jesus speaks he uses a present tense, implying that what is given is here and now!

V. 35

Ø Egw eimi o9 a2rtov tnv zwhv

Ø 2 Reasons for this construction

1.     Emphasis (Big, Bigger, Biggest)

2.     Identifying himself w/ the Great “I AM”

Why Bread?

Ø Necessary for Life

Without physical bread people died physically. Without spiritual bread people died spiritually.

Ø Suitable to Everyone

It is Inexpensive and easily available

Jesus is not the caver of life!

Ø Bread Produces Growth

V. 40-41—Application & the Peoples Response

Ø Jesus is our Provider and Sustainer

Ø What are you feeding on?

Ø The Peoples response…HOW SAD!

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