I AM the Good Shepherd

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I AM the Good Shepherd

John 10:11-21

Review and Read

Exposition of the Text:

Comparison of Two Shepherds

Hired Hand

Ø  Not a Shepherd—only in it for the Money

Ø  Doesn’t own the sheep—has nothing invested

Ø  Leaves the sheep at the 1st sign of danger

Good Shepherd

Ø  “Good” = Kaloj ; carries the additional meaning of being authentic or genuine, as well as being good, useful and beautiful.

Ø  Lays down his life for the Sheep1 Sam. 17:34-36

Ø  Knows his Sheep by Name

o   Out of the many hundreds of sheep that he takes care of the Good Shepherd knows each by name!

o   It is the picture of a shepherd who loves his sheep---Psalm 23—“rod and staff comfort me”

Ø  His sheep know him

o   Of Course they do!!! This is the man who protects them, cares for them. It is the shepherd who pulled the sheep from hole, it is the shepherd who prevented the sheep from walking too close to the edge, and it is the shepherd who stood between the defenseless sheep and the charging wolf!

Application of the Text:

So what does this mean?


o   There is no question as to whether or not you are a sheep, YOU ARE! The only question is if you are inside or outside of the sheep pen.

o   If you are INSIDE it is because you heard the Good Shepherd’s voice and entered in through the Gate!

o   If you are OUTSIDE you are vulnerable to attack from the wolf and the thief whose sole purpose in life is to steal, kill and destroy.


o   The Good Shepherd has VOLUNTARILY laid his life down for you and for me. If you read Luke 15:1-7 you will see that he is actively searching for all his lost sheep.

o   If there are any who are lost here tonight I pray he finds you!


It is silly to think that a person would swerve their car, risking their own life, to avoid hitting a skunk and thereby saving its life. BUT, it is not more ridiculous than THE GREAT SHEPHERD giving is life for a stupid sinful sheep!


For Homework:           Read Luke 15:1-7, Ezekiel 34:11-22

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