Justification Through Grace By Faith

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Justification through Grace by Faith

3 Blessings of Being Justified by Grace Through Faith

God's grace flows through the pipe called faith.

  1. Peace with God
    1. Eph 2:14-17 Christ is our peace
    2. Col 1:20 Peace reconciled
    3. Rom 5:10-11 Save by Christ Jesus
  2. Privilege - Our privilege is access to God. Our access is through Jesus
    1. John 10:7-9 Jesus is the door to God
    2. Eph 2:18 - Jesus Christ give us access
    3. Eph 3:12 - Freedom and confidence
    4. Eph 6:13 - We are able to stand
    5. Romans 8:31-34; 38-39 - Nothing can seperate us from the love of God
  3. Promise
  4. Purpose - Because God saved us, he has a purpose for us.Out of suffering grows the strongest souls
  5. Possession
  • Hope
  • Love of God
  • Holy Spirit

It is the job of the Holy Spirit to provide hope.

  • Faith that fizzels before the finish had a flaw in the beginning.
  • We should have an absolute, unconditional certainity that we are saved. We should have a confident, expectant and self assured hope.
  • The unbeliever has no hope. Eph 2:12
  • If you want to have assurance of salvation, is will show in a changed life.

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