Romans 2: God's Righteous Judgement

Aaron Green
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1. Romans 2:1-16 God's Righteous Judgement

1. Romans 2:1-11 Man's Judgement Vs God's Judgement and the Consequences

1. Whenever a person judges, that person condemns themselves.

1. The judging person practices the same things that they are judging others against.

2. The judgement of God is according to truth against those who practice such things.

1. The person who judges other for doing something will justify their actions as not being as bad as someone else, but it is not according to the truth.

2. Romans 2:12-16 All People will be judged according to the law that they have written on their hearts.

1. God will judge all people by the revelation that he has given them on their hearts.

1. Jews will be judged by the revelation of the law that has been given.

2. Gentiles will be judged by what they do with whatever revelation that God gave them.

3. The doers of the law will be justified.

1. This is important for us to know. Many times as believers we think that we hear (read) God's word and that is the same as doing. Not true. God's word tells us not to complain, do we complain?

2. It is impossible for us to be justified by the Law. We can't be justified if we start doing from now on. Have we offended it in the past... ever.

3. God will judge the secret, hidden parts of our sinful lives, not just the public sins. All will be known.

2. Romans 2:17-24 The Jews Guilty as the Gentiles

1. The Jews know the law and have been given the law.

1. They often boasted of this fact and know that they are excellent.

1. This is the same as someone saying that they believe in God and know that he is all good but not wanting a relationship with him because they want to live their lives first.

2. They teach the foolish and have knowledge of the truth in the law.

3. Do they teach each other?

4. If they teach people not to steal, do they steal. Same goes with any of the other sins.

5. Do they dishonor God through teaching the Law yet breaking it themselves.

1. God is blasphemed among the Gentiles because of them.

1. Ezek 16:27

3. Romans 2:25-29 Circumcision of No Avail

1. Circumcision as a form of dedication is profitable if the person keeps the Law, but if they don't, it is the same as being uncircumcised.

2. So the argument goes the other way as well. An uncircumcised man keeping the law would be the same as circumcised.

3. Since the case wouldn't the physically uncircumcised who keep the law judge, one day, those who are circumcised but don't keep the law?

4. Being a Jew (a person of God) is not something outwardly, but an inwardly condition of the heart.

1. In the Spirit not the letter.

2. whose praise is not from man but God.



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