Know: Right Information

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Too often we make assumptions about what people are experiencing. We need to get the right information if we want to provide REAL help.

Notes & Transcripts

1. Memorize Hebrews 3:12-13 This week.

2. Read through 1 John in one sitting. Read and Memorize 1 John 4:9-11 this week. Why are we supposed to love each other? How is Christ’s example of coming to love and example for us to really get into one another’s lives and truly get to know each other?

3. Read 1 Samuel 1-20. What assumptions were being made? Eli was the High Priest. What was his role? How was ministry hindered by assumptions? How could Eli have handled this in a better way? Have you ever made wrong assumptions as you listened or observed people? When? What was the situation? How was ministry hindered? How could you have handled the situation differently?

4. Skim through one of the gospels and look for Jesus asking questions. If He is God and knows everything, why did He ask questions? How did He use questions to minister to others?

5. Think of your relationships, and the people with whom you are talking. What do you not know? (Not assumed, but real knowledge from their lips.) List open-ended questions you can ask, and practice before you talk with them again.

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