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Minor Characters: Luke 23:13-19

John Weathersby  •  Transcend Church HBG Podcast
The Book of Luke: Commitment Through Betrayal  •  Sermon  •  Submitted   •  55:40
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Minor Characters: Luke 23:13-19 Jesus’ motive bring the love of God to people - not judging actions but loving their hearts and wanting better for them, not penance from them. Loving Jesus. Peaceful Jesus. Accepting Jesus. Encouraging Jesus. Jeremiah 17:9 John 3:19 When you’re God’s in Christ. Here is a secret - you’re not perfect. I’ll take a second and let that soak in. No Christian - will tell you they’re perfect, if they do they’re an uninformed liar and imperfect. Jesus life, in exchange for ours. That’s our role church - redeemed criminal. The Role of Minor Characters

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