Duty of a Wife

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The Position & Duty of a Wife

1 Peter 3:1-7

Intro: Verse 1 begins with Likewise, this connects what Peter was referring to in the preceding verses of chapter 2, dealing with servant-hood.

Yes, wives, according to the Bible are servants, just as husbands are, yet each with differing roles.

I.                   THE WIFE AND HER ATTITUDE.

A.    She displays Humility

B.     She is Confident

C.    She is wise

II.                THE WIFE AND HER PURPOSE.

A.    To complete her husband.  (Gen.2:18)

(Helpmeet – also used for one who is a minister of the destitute and poor)

                 1.     To love him. Tit 2:4.

2.     To reverence him. Eph 5:33.

3.     To be faithful to him. 1Co 7:3-5,10.

4.     To be subject to him. Ge 3:16; Eph 5:22,24; 1Pe 3:1.

5.     To obey him. 1Co 14:34; Tit 2:5.

6.        To remain with him for life. Ro 7:2,3.

B.     To maintain a home for the well-being, happiness, and development of the family.

C.    To allow her husband to lead as God designed him to.

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