Love the absence in the church

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Love – The Truth of it’s Absence in the Church

1 Peter 4:8-11

Intro: The introduction to this message was delivered at the prayer meeting Wednesday night. You can access it from the church’s web site free, or you may purchase it at the sound booth after the service.

At any rate, Peter shows us how true love (charity) is the way in which the local church endures suffering. Paul said that when one member suffers, the whole body suffers.

            There’s a lot of suffering going on!

                                                What are you personally doing about it?

I.          The Various Positions Taken by Members.

            A. An absence of love.

                        Lack of support:

                                    1) In attendance.

                                                2) In giving.

                                                3) In fellowship.

                                                4) In service.

            B. A false manifestation of love.

                        1) Hypocriticalness.

                        2) Demand to be the recipient rather than the reciprocator of love.

II.        The Avoidance of the Problem by the Church.

            A. What the individual is forbidden to do, the church must.

Example: The government not the individual is responsible for the  ministering of judgment.


            B. The church that fails to discipline is in danger of discipline.

III.       Corrective Measures to be Taken.

            A. Appeal to the problem.

            B. Encourage change.

            C. Clean House.

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