The Duty of Husbands

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The Duty of Husbands

1 Peter 3:7

I.                    Coexisting in knowledge.

A.     Dwell means to “Home with.”

B.     Knowledge is properly a science of , or a learned method of.

As A.T. Robertson puts it, “With an intelligent recognition of the nature of the marriage relationship.

1. It is the responsibility of the husband to know how to properly dwell with his wife.

2. That dwelling must be in the parameters of God’s commands and desires.

II.                 Purposely and Methodically Honoring Your Wife.

A.     As in 2:17 – Honor to whom honor is due.

1.      Means respect.

2.      Means sensitivity.

3.      Means loving

4.      Means self-sacrificing (Eph.5:25)

B.     As the weaker vessel.

1.      Week is tender

2.      Week is sensitive

3.      Week is emotional

4.      Week is irrational at times (To the man but not the woman)

5.      Week is physical and emotionally tired.

III.               Realizing that Both Inherit God’s Grace.

Not the husband only, and sometimes the wife more so.

IV.              The Result of Ignorance is a Cutting off of Your Prayers.

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