The Fellowship of the Brethren

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The Fellowship of the Brethren

1 Peter 3:8-9

if I had to identify the one area that grieves the heart of our Lord, I believe it would be the way brethren mistreat each other within the church; the church Christ died for!

The seven directives within the text.

1)      Have one mind

2)      Have compassion one of another

3)      Love as brethren

4)      Be pitiful

5)      Be courteous

6)      Don’t render evil for evil, or railing for railing

7)      Render blessing for evil

I.                   The Mind We are to Have.

A.     Not the Pastor’s

B.     Not the senior members’

C.     Not even the majority

D.     Have the mind of Christ  (Phil.2:5)

II.                How We are to Attain it.

Take up our cross daily (Luke 9)

III.             How to Never Find It

A.     Don’t take up your cross

B.     Think of yourself & no-one else

C.     Treat the brethren with disdain

D.     Act like God & the Church owes you something

E.      Attend the fellowship with an attitude, unforgiveness, resentment, bitterness, etc.

F.      Forget that Christ dies for the church

IV.              How Likemindedness will save you from hell fire.

A.     If you love Jesus, you must also love the brethren

B.     If you have disdain for the brethren you have disdain for the Savior

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