True Christian Suffering

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True Christian Suffering

1 Peter 4:16-18

I.          Overcoming the Shame of a Weak Spiritual Condition.  Vs.16

Strange that the man who denied Jesus three times, should now say such things to us.


Note: The Use of the term Christian, used in only two other places in the N.T. (Acts 11:26; 26:28) means one who follows Christ.

            A. Regardless of what we’ve done in the past, we can do differently now.

B. There is an opportunity to glorify God. (Not just glory in persecution, but to esteem it an honor).

II.        The Time For Christian Judgment is Now.  Vs.17

            (See Ezekiel 9:6 & Jeremiah 25:29)

            A. We do not anticipate a future judgment to decide our worthiness of heaven.

            B. We should view the present trial as a form of moral cleansing.

            C. God will certainly punish His own.

III.       The Scarcity by Which the righteous are Saved is a Direct Indication of Their Own Lack.  Vs.18

            A. Of the ability to save themselves.

            B. Of sanctifying themselves to this end.


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