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  • The glory of the gospel is that in salvation we become regenerated beings.
  • Recall that regeneration is that instantaneous moment where we give our lives to Christ
  • But regeneration happens only once, and in only one moment of time.
  • So the glory of the gospel is that souls are regenerated, but the tragedy is that so many Christian lives are lost (not souls but lives) to God’s service due to an incomplete understanding of sanctification.

  • Sanctification is the 2d aspect of salvation that I want us to examine tonight. 
  • Peter said in 2 Peter 3:18, “but grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”
  • Sanctification is the best part of the journey here.
  • Have you ever noticed on a tombstone they have the birth year and the death year.  Well, those aren’t the important times, it’s that dash in between that is important, that can be the definition of sanctification.  Regeneration is the birth year, glorification is the death year, and sanctification is the dash in between.

  • Look in Romans 6:15-23
  • Paul talks about the life that leads to sanctification (gr. Hagiasmos: holiness, dedication to the Lord, dedication to moral purity.

  • Sanctification can be defined by two acts

1) To seek to progressively be rid of sin

2) To be more suited to God’s use.

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