Mathew 4

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Mathew 4:19

Why glorify God- faithful witness


Fundamental priority- Christ likeness

Evangelisism, disciling, pray word love

Focus – not just the purpose of life but value KINGDOM VALUE

God’s call- follow me= apprentiship

V22 alligiance= idneity, vocation

  1. Ednentity live the net- floolw
  2. Security- leave father
  3. Communityj- left immediately joyously

The first call I abide not advance

V25 Two kind of follow – crowd

God not just call but commissioning

Mundane to Monumental

Don’t use or waste your life but to invest

Personal revival

Divide appointment

Active obedience

Commitment of God to us. I will make you fisher of men= Empowered by God

John 21:3 Simon decisive depart and go fishing

Simon felt inadequate and unworthy

Jesus restore him, recommisssion him

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