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Adonijah – one of David’s sons who made himself to be king, was a kid whose father  
                 never discipled him

Joab – commander of David’s army during much of his reign, David replaced him as
          commander after Absalom’s revolt, and after e disobeyed David’s direct order
          not to have him killed.

Abiathar – joined Davids outlaw band where he served as it’s private Chaplain, he was rewarded for his loyalty to David but was later banished

Zadok – served as high priest with Abiathar, supported David when Absalom tried to
             overthrow him, supported David’s will for Solomon to be King

Benaiah – a mighty warrior under David, renown for his heroic exploits, was in
               charge of David’s body guards, he supported Solomen

Nathan the Prophet – A prophet in the court of David, he was who God spoke to concerning his will, was respected enough by David to be rebuked by Him

Shemei and rei – member of David’s court

My God but not my Lord – A fight for the thrown



  •  Put himself forward (first)
  •  Decided, “I will be King”
  •  Had Daddy Issues (no discipline)
  •  Surrounded himself around people that were “yes” people
    • People that wanted the power
    • That wanted what he wanted
    • Two types of dangerous friends
      • Friends with a grudge (against God, church, people)
      • Friends that always know God’s will for your life although, although there life is a mess
        • Give advice but don’t take it
        • Never pray, read the bible, have no consistency

  • He was a guy who knew how to look good in front of everyone, he could play Christian, but had no sense of what truly pleased God
    • Hypocrite
    • Thinks they cane Use God

  • He didn’t allow God’s anointed leaders speak into his life in order to know Gods will
    • Because he wanted to be the leader
    • because he knew he was wrong

  •  He sought Fame(v25)
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