ISAIAH 6 - Seen and heard

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Seen and heard

The presence of God in Isaiah 6

This profound vision is a seminal description of God at work in the soul of the sinner – it is also a commentary on worship, and a template for calling to service.

This is indeed a truly remarkable passage – and the more so because it has such a link with our passage of this morning. (John 12)

How then shall we view it this evening?

How shall we approach it so that the vision may be shared by us as individuals?  How shall we expound it so that it’s enduring message truly impinges on our present life and circumstances?

Isaiah – at a particular time of crisis – sees the Lord exalted and this makes him acutely aware of his own sin. 

Immediately a divine messenger comes with the means for cleansing him and, as a result, Isaiah offers himself for service.

But the service is difficult and unending.   It is mostly fulfilled in the glory of Christ in John 12 – but not completely fulfilled until the Kingdom is complete.

Of the themes that are central to this experience these are:

The majesty and greatness of God

His Holiness

His worship and His plan for mankind

The unworthiness and sinfulness of Isaiah

His cry for help and the angel’s ministry

Upon his renewal there comes an immediate challenge

“Who will go for us?”  to which Isaiah promptly responds

But the message is hard and Isaiah asks about the timescale

God does not encourage him – but challenges him again.

In trying to establish a working framework for the passage we might try these:

The Vision

The Change

The Challenge






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