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How Do You Know

1 John  •  Sermon  •  Submitted
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Notes & Transcripts
Relationship with him.
Belief is foundational
a trust that changes behavior
Is the Christ (savior, Lord, King, all knowing, all wise, good, the answer to all our problems)
A rearrangement we change (i didn't fit in anymore)
we love the children of God
we carry out his commands
come out of the world
with Christ there is nothing that can keep us down
there is always hope
Jesus from water and blood
birth and death on the cross
baptism and death on the cross (and incarnation)
100% man 100% God - Ph 2
3 that testify
Father - John 4:24 - God is spirit
Holy Spirit - Jn 7:38-39 - described as living water that flows from within
Jesus - blood and water flowed
could also mean
Spirit - the ability of Jesus to make alive
water - the power of Christ to cleanse
the power of Christ to atone through His blood
Not just the word of a mere man but also the word of God.. It is God who testifies
accept the testimony - active verb
God has given us eternal life
The life he gives us is in His Son -- no other
if you have the son you have life if not, you dont
DT 30:15 - I set before you life and prosperity, death and destruction.
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