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This is one of my favorite Christmas verses! One reason is because this verse reminds me that God is constantly in, among other things, the preparation business; there is nothing that happens in our lives that is “wasted.” It is humbling and amazing to reflect upon how God prepared the world for the birth of Jesus.

God used ROME to prepare the world POLITICALLY.

·        Roman Conquest: Rome controlled the world, except for a few little-known kingdoms in the Far East. Rome's victories caused those they conquered to lose faith in their gods who were unable to protect them from defeat.

·        Roman Unity: Rome provided a sense of unity of mankind under a universal law. This prepared people for the Gospel message that all men are under the penalty of sin and all men are offered salvation, which if accepted makes them a part of a universal organism, the Church, Christ's Body.

·        Roman Security: Rome provided easy and safe travel for the world. Pirates were removed from the Mediterranean Sea and concrete roads were built from Rome to all major cities throughout the Roman Empire. Paul used the sea and roads in his missionary journeys. Churches where built along the roads where travelers would stop and hear the Gospel.

·        Roman Army: Rome had an army that was largely made up of local citizens, many of whom were converts to Christianity. The soldiers became the vehicle for the Gospel (missionaries) as they were stationed throughout the Roman Empire. It is highly likely that this is how the Gospel first got to Britain.


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