Intro Sermon to Corinthians -コリント教会の紹介

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Notes & Transcripts
  • Paul reminds the believers of the wonderful blessings they had in Christ.
  • He does this before he reproves them for their sin
  • Here we find 5 spiritual blessings that they were ignoring and thus depriving themselves of spiritual power.

A.     Called of God (v. 2). しんこう に よって きよめられる!

  • They were not living like saints, but they were saints!

B.     Grace of God (vv. 3–4). (Megumi to yu kotoba ga ni kai dete kimasu)

  • Grace means that God gives us what we don’t deserve
  • Mercy means He doesn’t give us what we do deserve.
  • This Grace came through Christ by faith.

C.     Gifts from God (vv. 5 and 7).

  • The Corinthians were blessed with spiritual gifts.
  • They were educated, had much wisdom; could speak very eloquent
  • But, they lacked love - 1st Corinthians 13:1–3
  • They could not get along with each other.

D.     Testimony for God (v. 6).

  • God’s Word came true in their lives.

E.     Hope from God (vv. 7–9).

  • They were waiting for Christ to return
  • But were not living in the light of His coming - 1 John 2:28
  • God is faithful even though we may fail Him.
  • Have you failed God?
  • He will forgive you!
  • Are you ignoring God’s blessings in you life?

Japanese Outline

御言葉:  コリント第一 1:1-9

A.     神を呼び求める。 ( 2).

B.     神の恵み。 (3–4).

C.     神からの賜物。 ( 5 7).

D.     キリストについての証。 (6).

E.     神にあっての希望。 ( 7–9).

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