1 Cor 1 10-16 (2nd)

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The Danger of a Divided Church (1:10–16)

Text: Vs. 10

Paul discusses their sins

1.      There were divisions in the church

2.      Why does bad news of troubles spread so rapidly?

3.       (V. 10) “perfectly joined together” which in the Gk. is a medical term that refers to the setting of a bone that was broken or out of joint.

4.      When Christians cannot get along, the Church suffers.

Why were they divided?

1.      They had their eyes on men not on Christ.

2.      They were trusting in the wisdom of men not the wisdom of God (2:5)

3.      They were glorying in the works of men (3:21)

4.      They were comparing themselves with one another  **Corintho Dai Ni 10:12**

5.      Akuma is the accuser of the Brethren – Yohane no Mokushiroku 12:9-10

There were four groups in the church.

·         1st group Followed Paul. (Gentiles)

·         2nd group Followed Apollos, the learned orator (Acts 18:24–28), probably because they enjoyed his wonderful speaking.

·         3rd group – Followed Peter, the apostle to the Jews (Gal. 2:7)

·         4th group Followed “Christ alone

Principles that apply for us today

·         Follow Christ!

·         Divisions in the church hurt the cause of Christ!!

·         You are an important part of the body of Christ (1 Cor 12:12–14).

·         We are baptized in the name of Lord Jesus Christ not human leaders!

·         Don’t let Satan divide this church or your home!

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