The Gospel is Sufficient

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Notes & Transcripts
  • Paul’s Explanation the Reason for the Divisions (1:17–31)
  • Paul gives seven proofs to show that the Gospel is sufficient for all people.
  • Proposition:  Our message MUST be the CROSS

A.     Paul’s commission (17)

  • Paul was sent to preach the Gospel alone, not man’s philosophies.

B.     Personal experience (v. 18).

  • The believers had experienced the Gospel’s power 「力」ちから.

C.    The Bible Speaks /Vs. 19–20

  • God does not need the world’s wisdom
  • In fact one day He will destroy it!

D.     Human history (vv. 20–21).

  • With all its “wisdom,” the world was not able to find God or salvation.
  • When we trace history, we discover man gaining more knowledge.
  • But less and less real wisdom, especially about spiritual matters. - Romans1:18–32
  • God’s plan is so simple people trip over its simplicity!

E.     Paul’s ministry (vv. 22–25).

  • Paul preached to Jews and Gentiles
  • Jews looked for signs; Christ was a stumbling block to the Jews
  • Greeks looked for philosophical wisdom.
  • Christ is our wisdom and power
  • Jesus is all we need.

F.     Their own calling (vv. 26–29).

  • God manifest Himself to the humble.

G.     Christ’s sufficiency (vv. 30–31).

  • Christ is our redemption
  • Christ is our righteousness
  • Christ is our wisdom
  • Christ is our all.
  • Whenever we take our eyes off Christ and depend on man then this causes divisions in the church.
  • Such divisions rob the church of its power.
  • Do you have the power of God on your life.
  • Jesus is all you need.
  • I have one question in closing:

IS our message the CROSS

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