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01-GENESIS 01:01-04

Date: 10/2/1988
Keywords: creation, excellence, good, Gordon Lean, light, look

1:1 “In the beginning God” - He is eternal. Created “bara” out of nothing, not as an artist or an inventor.
1:2 “Brooded” -- He prepared, planned, brooded before creation began.
1:3 Commanding: “Light - be!” When God speaks the high mountains tremble. 2 Corinthians 4:6.
1:4 “Good” - God sets a standard of excellence. He is particular. Psalm 115:12. God is mindful of us. When He created the world in beauty it was not only useful but beautiful. Malachi 1:6-8.
He never offered anything to us unless it was quality. Have I put my best into what I do for the Lord? 1 Corinthians 10:31.
Also, God gives freely, not wanting anything in return. Ecclesiastes 9:10. Whatever I do, do with all my might. Terry McClean “Never sell a painting unless it was the best it could be.”
Hebrews 12 - “Looking unto Jesus” phrase came from games. Every athlete knew the location of the Emperor’s box, looked to see if he was there. We are to look to Jesus, knowing He watches our lives and do what we do knowing He watches us.
Psalm 14:1; 53; Ecclesiastes 7:20. No righteous people on the earth. Romans 5:8. Yet Christ died for us. Verse 7 makes a distinction between righteous and good. Righteous sound legal. Good seems more aimiable, not a legalist but someone who is sensitive to the needs of others. Legalist is right and correct. Good comes to help. We might die for a good man, some may even die for a righteous man, but God sent Jesus to die for sinners. (Sermon notes: Gordon Lean)

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