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01-GENESIS 01:01-08, 31

Date: 11/2/1985
Keywords: creation, creator, good

There is a t-shirt slogan that says “God don’t make no junk.” It is true. All that He made is very good. This includes:
Light - represents Jesus Christ, the light of the world and also the very nature of God in whom there is no darkness.
Darkness - does this not, just as evil, contrast the light?
Heavens - vast space between God’s abode and man’s
Dry land - a place for us to live
Seas & Vegetation - so necessary for our survival
Sun & Moon - in themselves a picture of Christ and the church which reflects His light to the world
Living Creatures - to fill the earth and reveal the glory of God
Mankind - in His own image.
It is all very good, sin-marred, but not without hope. Let me worship You today, God, because You make all things good.

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