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01-GENESIS 01:03

Date: 1/1/2001
Keywords: creation, doubt, faith, self-pity

1:3. And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.

God speaks-it happens. So simple. So easily, as least for God. What is wrong with me?
My problem is that I’ve not believed in His great power, at least in the daily prayers I pray, especially for the un­saved and my family. Instead I look at the results, or lack there­of, and think God is not listening or does not care or cannot do it.
I’m horrified at my lack of faith in the face of this evi­dence and revelation.
It crept in, fed by little (if there are little) sins and self-indulgences and went unnoticed as I used the lack of response from God as an excuse to feel sorry for myself and focus on me instead of Him and His great power.
I’m appalled at my foolish­ness but a greater emotion is my awe of a God who speaks - and His Word is enough to make things happen and to chan­ge worlds. Surely, He can change my world, but first He needs to forgive me and ­make a change in my heart, so that instead of praying from a position of doubt as I look at what I want and cannot see, I’m praying from a position of faith as I look at God and what I know is true about Him.

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