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01-GENESIS 22:01

Date: 1/7/2001
Keywords: learned, power, tests, time, victory

Some time later God tested Abraham. He said to him, “Abraham!” “Here I am,” he replied.

The challenge today is reflection on what I have learned from the great tests in my life. Sigh.
I’ve learned that God knows how to deal with His sinful people and yet not totally expose what they have done as to ruin them in the eyes of others.
I’ve learned that in Christ, I can survive the worst that people can do to me; I need not fear man or anything that life dishes out.
I’ve learned that God’s timing is right. The big test came when He knew I could make it through and when it would do the least damage to our family.
I’ve learned that my faith is stronger than I ever thought possible but more important, that God is with me even in the darkest times. He let me see Him cry with me, even laugh at me. God teased me too. None of these happen when things are going well.
Lord, the tests are not fun yet you know what we need to make us stronger, to deal with our sinfulness and to build our understanding of Your greatness. May I not shrink back from the tests.

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