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01-GENESIS 25:34

Date: 1/9/2001
Keywords: birthright, food, priorities

25:34. . . . So Esau despised his birthright.

The birthright entitled Esau to a double portion of the inheritance and the right to be family chief and priest. Because he did not value these things, he was later called a profane person.
I’m not sure why God alerted me to this verse. The first thing that came to mind is that he gave it up because he was hungry. Food was more important at that moment than his inheritance, a position of leadership, and being God’s person in his family.
Oh my. How often do I put eating ahead of other things? Last night the phone rang during supper. I told Bob not to answer it but he did. It was for me and I was annoyed because I had to eat a cold supper.
On other occasions, I notice myself anxious if Bob prays a long prayer because I want to get to the food. I’m not starving but at that moment, food is more important to me than praying. I think if he wants to pray about half the people in the church, why not do it after supper or at bedtime instead of during grace?
Esau lost the double portion he could have had because he didn’t care enough about it to be hungry, to go without, to deny himself. He lost a position of leadership in his family. He lost the privilege of being a priest to his family members. All for food.
What am I missing out on because I have the same attitude sometimes? It is time to shape up.

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