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01-GENESIS 35:21

Date: 1/13/2001
Keywords: motive, Moving, procrastination

35:21. Israel moved on again and pitched his tent beyond Migdal Eder.

His beloved Rachael just died in childbirth. No doubt he mourned, but then he moved on. We are taught to do this but sometimes the past holds us back.
I know mine does. HR and the events of 1988-91 hold me back in my attitude towards my husband. Never getting a ‘well-done’ from my mom has held me back. Doing well in school has made me a perfectionist in some ways and that has held me back. Never finishing some things has held me back.
Anne Lamont says that the two most important things to know about writing are 1) Do it bird by bird­. The entire novel is too big so write it a scene at a time. 2) It’s okay to write awful first drafts.
These are truths about life too. I cannot accomplish big things if I hold back and never do little ones. I cannot change in big ways if I refuse to do the small things in a different way. I cannot do great thin­gs if I hold back afraid to make a lousy stab at small things. It is time for me to move on too.

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