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01-GENESIS 45:28

Date: 1/17/2001
Keywords: evidence, faith, listen, obedience, sight

45:28 And Israel said, “I’m convinced! My son Joseph is still alive. I will go and see him before I die.”

Jacob had grieved for his son and thought he was dead. He must have wanted him to be alive yet when he was told that he was, he didn’t believe it. How odd. Had he been there, had he seen Joseph for himself, he would have believed. His “faith” needed some evidence besides the words told him by his other sons.
If Scott or Candace or even Karen herself told me she committed her life to Christ at a crusade, I would probably react as Jacob. I didn’t see it so would have trouble believing it. Until I saw the evidence in her life, I would wonder if it was true.
Faith without sight is contrary to our nature. That anyone believes in Jesus is utterly amazing. We never saw Him live or die yet the Word of God and the Spirit of God convince us it is true. Inside my heart, even when I doubt, something (or Someone) says yes to the marvelous reality of Jesus Christ and the gospel.
This illustrates two things. Faith is not of me. I could not believe without the work of the Holy Spirit and therefore must accept the Calvinist doctrine that regeneration came before faith. Also, unless faith is there, I am a fool to move ahead on any issue.
Secondly, this shows the importance of time alone with God, time to reach into Him, to know what He tells me through faith. Without that deliberate time to center on God, anything I know might, no surely, comes from my own fleshy surmising. Heaven forbid.
God may not grant that deep inner knowing for every detail of my life, but I know I’ve missed His will at times because I was either too busy or too distracted to listen.

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