Love is Enough

Notes & Transcripts

Psalm 18

God’s Grace, protection, and presence are made known to everyone…

the faithful…the pure…the crooked…the humble…and the haughty.

It is God’s action that keeps my light burning, and that turns my darkness into light.

It is God who brings me victory and it is God who arms me with strength and makes my way perfect.

John 15: 12-27


Jesus is speaking to us.

To celebrate the victory over sin, we are called to one more task.  To love one another!

God has chosen us.  We did not choose God.  This love thing was God’s idea not ours.

It will not be popular.

"It is unnatural for Christianity to be popular."  Billy Graham

"The logical end of cross-carrying is crucifixtion.  That will never bring in big numbers."  Dorothy Sayers

There is a cost to loving others the way Christ has loved us.  But there is a promise too.

That promise is victory over sin and death.  That promise is eternal life.  AMEN.

Dorothy Leigh Sayers was an English writer and scholar, born at Oxford in 1893, the only child of an Anglican clergyman. She studied medieval literature at Oxford (Somerville College), being one of the first women to graduate (1915) from that university.

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