Babette's Feast

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Babette's Feast

Scene by scene description beginning in the middle of the movie.

1) People were becoming testy and querolous.

2) Note from France for Babette.  She won the lottery.

3) Counting the money.

4) Piano playing.  Babette walks to ocean.

5) Babette talks to sisters regarding cooking dinner.

6) Babette gone to Paris.  People walking to church.  Eating gruel again.

7) Babette in cart coming back to village.

8) Unloading boat.  Villagers worried about food.

9) Sisters have nightmares.

10) Sisters repent of allowing Babette to cook the food.

11) Letter delivered - general is coming to dinner.

*12) Preparing food, pulling feathers off quail.

13) Table cloth on table.

14) General getting dressed.  All is vanity.

15) General riding to dinner.

*16) Babette cooking.  Villagers arriving.

17) Sister singing.  Babette cooking.

18) General arriving.  Welcoming the village.

*19) Dipping up soup.  Dinner is served.  Beautiful table, candles, and china.  General sits down.

20) Boy pours wine.

*21) General says "amazing amontillado."

*22) Champagne.  General enjoying food and wine.

*23) Babette taking food out of stove.

*24) General eating Caille en Sacrophage.

25) Toast to the sister.  Eyes connect.

*27) Salad

*28) Cheese

*29) Cake

*30) Contented eating

*31) Fruit

32) Mercy and truth have met together.

33) You cheated me.  "I deserved it."

34) Nephew eating.

*35) Small glasses of dessert wine.  Light the candles in the sitting toom.

36) Babette drinking wine and savoring the moment and the service she has just given.

37) In the sitting room.

*38) God bless you Solveig.

39) “My brother.”

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