Humility is truth,The Drug,###

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Humility is truth.Pride is lies.What do you do to get humility.Nothing ,you do not do something to get humility ,you drop something ,you drop your pride,then you will see yourself clearly.When you see yourself clearly you will have humility.Pride is the lies you tell about yourself ,to yourself ,Pride is the lies you tell about yourself especially to others.Pride is the droping of your false self image.When you do that you will have humility.

When you have humility you will be perfectly free ,you will no longer care what people think about you for you know the truth about yourself and you are happy that others know the truth about you to.

Imagine a child who when they were born were given a drug ,they were given hemp ,or cocaine and so the child grows up on these drugs .The child cannot live without its drugs .If it does not get his drug he feels awful .He would prefer to die rather than live without his drugs.

You and I were given a such a drug when we were born .It was called approval ,appreciation,belonging ,applause.achievment ,success .Once you were given this drug you were finished.      

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