Trinity 21 May

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26-11-2017 Trinity—College Road 1st Sunday of Advent – Stir Up Sunday Entrance with Bible and Light Candle, and turn on the Christmas Tree Lights Call to Worship: Song: Come Lord Jesus Prayer of Approach Christ, the saviour, Christ, the redeemer, Christ, the King. Christ, the hungry, Christ, the lonely, Christ, the forgotten. Christ, the son of God, Christ, the word of life, Christ, the light of the world. Christ, of the soup kitchens, Christ, of the battlefield, Christ, of the famished land. How many ways can we name you, O Christ, and in how many will we admit to who you really are? Forgive the images of power that speak about our own aspirations, and not yours: the centuries where we have created Christ and not followed Jesus, where we have adorned you with the wealth of the world, and turned you against the poor. May we name you again, O Jesus, traveller on the highways, homeless among the alleyways, disturbing peacemaker, conspirator with the voiceless, Christ without the gold, Jesus with the hungry. So be it. Amen Community Time, Notices, presentation Ordination: Stephanie Holland Sung Blessing: CH4 796 Choir Anthem: Saranam, Saranam, Saranam (CH4 573) God Space Readings:  Ephesians 1:15-23 Sermon: · Isn’t amazing how time flies? o 6 years this week since I left Rotorua o Google Photos has a great freature “Rediscover this day” o Here I am on my last day in Rotorua – farewell from St. Johns; having lunch at the place where Hinemoa swam out to Mokoia island to be with Tutanekai – New Zealand’s own Romero & Juliet; meeting “Captain Rex” at the airport · What I cherish most of all from these days that I rediscover, are seeing the pictures of my kids. · Here’s a selection that have shown up in the last couple of weeks. o 2 years ago – Jono enjoying a barbecue o 3 years ago – the kids & dads bike ride o 4 years ago – Koa Kea’s birthday party at the Scenic o 6 years ago – Rotorua again – the boy’s farewell party and an early birthday for Jono, he was turning 4 o 7 years ago – the chicken pockas · As I look at these photos, I give thanks everyday for these boys, and I pray that as they grow they may come to know more and more the hope in Christ to which we have been called. · Paul’s prayer for the Ephesian church swells with the best kind of parental love and pride. · And as his heart swells, the vision of his words swells from the humblest origins in the lives of ordinary Christians like you and me to the glorious grandeur of the grace of God · The whole of creation is captured in a few, brief words. · I read this passage and I am spellbound. My heart breaks as I catch a glimpse of what it means to be caught up in the upwelling, overflowing, neverending love of God in Christ Jesus, through the poewer fo the Holy Spirit. · This. This is what it means for Christ to reign as king in our lives. · Not some political hegemony. · Not some power play that leaves Christians on top and everyone else trampled underfoot. · The overflowing, overwhelming love of God made manifest in every life. Saving us, setting us free as we come to know more and more the love, the hope, the power of God’s life in us triumphing over every death. · And the amazing thing is this: the reign of Christ is not a show to which we have front row seats. No, we are invited to participate in God’s ministry of reconciliation in the world. · What a privilege, to be caught up and included in this love whose name is above all other names. What a hope. What a joy. · Today we’ve celebrated a new step on this journey for Steph as God has blessed her as her church gathers in ordination, but participation in the love of God is not the sole reserve of a select few. · In Jesus all of us are included in the loving reconciliation of creation to creator, all of us are called, all of us are loved. · Look at these photos again. I’m sure you’ve got similar tokens of your own loved ones. Remember, this is how Christ the King reigns in love. This is what we’re called to, not just for a select few, but for all the world, for ever and ever. · Amen. Song: Jesus, All For Jesus Stir Up Sunday Liturgy (Helen)   Stir the Cake: The congregation is invited to come forward bringing their offering, stir the cake then return to their seat. Sending Final Hymn: Jesus is Lord (CMP 367) Benediction: Bible & Vestry Elder: Eoin Powell Sound: Hermann Frank Prayers For Others: Grant Holland Organ: Helen Hayes Door: Joy & David Elliott Flowers: Val Hargraves Pat Powell & Wensley Ashwell Data: Derek Hughes  
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