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The Father's Message to Fathers

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The Father's Message to Fathers

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6 Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. 2 “Honor your father and mother” (this is the first commandment with a promise), 3 “that it may go well with you and that you may live long in the land.” 4 Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger, but bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.
Background text:
The primary text we will be looking at this morning is verses 1-4 of chapter 6, though in our scripture reading we included the last part of chapter 5 because it is essential for properly understanding the instructions given to Father’s in chapter 6.
Now, wives in this room might be wondering why we included the instructions to wives from chapter 5 in a sermon that is primarily addressing Fathers.
That’s a good question, I’m glad you asked it.
Unlike preaching every Sunday and going through an entire book, when you preach once a month, or what I call one-and-done’s, you only get that one shot to go after everyone, so if you want to be fair you gotta take it.
The real reason we’ve included the instructions to wives this morning, is because Paul is giving us instructions for how a Christian home is supposed to run, and it is supposed run on authority, submission, and self-sacrificing love. So if we simply focus on just one part of it, we will fail to see the bigger picture and understand God’s vision for the home.
Let’s begin by looking at the order of authority that is detailed in chapter 5.
In verse 22, Paul instructs wives to submit to their husbands.
How? In the same manner as they submit to Christ Himself who is God.
Now there is a Christian belief that is anything but popular in our culture today, but I want to briefly discuss it and show you why this unpopular Christian belief isn’t icky or outdated, it’s actually quite beautiful when we properly understand it.
Wives are called to submit to their husbands, FULLY, and the reason is that the Husband is the figurative head of home, in the same way that Christ is the head of the church.
This is a tall order. Wives are being called to submit to their husbands in the same way as they are to submit to Christ Himself, and in the same way that the Church is to submit to Christ.
Why? As verse 21 says, submit to them out of reverence for Christ!
Now, don’t be mistaken. This text is NOT instructing WOMEN to submit to MEN.
1 Corinthians 3
My wife is commanded by God to submit herself to one man – her husband, not the male gender.
The text gives instructions to women within a family unit, not for how the two genders are to relate to one other.
In verse 25 Paul gives His instructions to husbands, and he tells them to love your wives
OK, well most husbands love their wives, that’s not so hard.
But notice HOW and to what degree Husbands are supposed to love their wives:
JUST AS Christ loved the church
How did Christ love the church? He died for the church, and He died a horrifying painful death.
Verse 28, “In this same way, husbands ought to love their wives as their own bodies. He who loves his wife loves himself. 29 After all, no one ever hated their own body, but they feed and care for their body, just as Christ does the church.”
Men, how much do you love your own body?
Well, last time I checked, you always feed it when it’s hungry, put it to bed when it’s tired, and take care of it when it’s sick. Isn’t it fair to say that the needs of our bodies tend to be our number one priority?
And so, God’s instructions are for us as husbands to love our wife so much that we would sacrifice and die for her, that we would put her needs above your own.
Now if that is not a form of submission, I honestly have no clue what is!
Still, the commands given to wives are different than the commands given to husbands, because their roles are different within the family unit.
The husband is the head - The wife is the body: and this is to be a picture of Christ’s sacrificial love for the church, and the church’s submission to its head, who is Jesus.
Verse 31 says, “For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh.” 32 This is a profound mystery—but I am talking about Christ and the church. 33 However, each one of you also must love his wife as he loves himself, and the wife must respect her husband.
When we marry, what does the text say that we become?
One flesh, and when we become one flesh, the husband functions as the head of that new creation, and the wife as the body. Where the head looks and goes, the body will follow – and so there is a greater responsibility given to the husband who is the leader and head of the home.
By children obeying their parents in the Lord.
And so, the question our passage answers for us this morning is:
How do we Glorify God in our Family?
By children honoring their father and mother. 

2 “Honor your father and mother” (this is the first commandment with a promise), 3 “that it may go well with you and that you may live long in the land.”

In verse 2 when when Paul says this is the first commandment with a promise, he is referring to the ten commandments that are listed in Deuteronomy chapter 5.
However, the first commandment is to “have no other God’s before me.” So are the atheist right when they see this verse and say that Paul just make a mistake, he got confused?
Clearly not, as this is the Word of God, and not only that, but Paul was a Hebrew of the Hebrews, who at one time was a Pharisee who would not have made such a childish mistake. So what does Paul mean by this:
Scholars have come up with a few options:
a. Some say though this is not the first commandment, it is the first commandment with a promise attached to it.

11 “ ‘You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain, for the LORD will not hold him guiltless who takes his name in vain.

11 “You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God, for the Lord will not hold anyone guiltless who misuses his name.
However, the 2nd commandment appears to have a promise attached to it.
1. By children obeying their parents in the Lord (v. 1)
By Father's leading their children peacefully with grace.
v.1 – “Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right.”
By Father's raising their children in the instruction of the Lord.
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