Preserving Your Soul

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Every believer can preserve his/her soul by persevering in the faith.

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Have you ever been taken for granted? How does that make you feel? What’s the difference between someone trusting you to look out for them and taking you for granted? How might that apply to this discussion?

I. Turn away from Christ and you’ll face the wrath of God. (Vv 26-31)

Why is there no more sacrifice for sin for a person who turns away from Christ? How is such a person different from someone who has never professed Christ at all? What makes this sin more serious?

1. The nature of the sin


2. The nature of God

Does the nature of God described in these verses conflict with the idea that God is love? Why or why not?

II. You need endurance to persevere in the faith. (Vv 32-39)


1. Your compassion


2. Your inheritance

Read . Do the afflictions described in the Hebrews passage sound light? Why does Paul call the afflictions believers suffer light? What does it show if we are unwilling to endure such afflictions?

3. Your faith

What comes to mind when you hear the words “shrink back”? How does this demonstrate a lack of faith? How does genuine faith look in comparison?

Big Idea: Persevere or perish.

What’s wrong with the teaching that a profession of faith in Christ secures a person’s place in heaven? What’s the biblical way to view eternal security.
How should you as an individual respond to this message? How should this truth impact the way you think? the way you feel? the way you act?
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