Getting the Most out of Life

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I. Have the right approach to life. (Vv 1-4)

II. Know the true source of life. (Vv 5-9)

III. Avoid negative influences in life. (Vv 10-12)

Big Idea: The secret to getting the most out of life is a right relationship with God.

Study Guide
1. How do you think the average person on the street would describe getting the most out of life? Does that differ from the biblical perspective? If so, how?
2. Read . is quoted in verse 18. What is the context of ? How does this help us understand why people have no fear of God? How does the absence of the fear of God keep a person from getting the most out of life?
3. Read . What does Jesus tell us in about the path of life God has made known? Why can’t fullness of Joy and pleasures forevermore be experienced apart form God?
4. Read and . If God is the fountain of life, why weren’t the people Jeremiah was writing about experiencing life to the fullest? How do Jesus’ words in relate to this?
5. Read . How does pride keep us from getting the most out of life? What is the other negative influence mentioned in this verse and how does it keep us from getting the most out of life?
6. What do you think are some of the most common ways Christians seek fullness in life apart from God? How is this contradictory to what we claim to believe?
7. Can a person get the most out of life if they are poor? If their health is bad? Does getting the most out of life demand pleasant circumstances?
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