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God's Sovereignty, God's Plan

Romans  •  Sermon  •  Submitted   •  Presented   •  56:14
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The End of Chapter 8
How do we know God works all things together for the good of His people?
Because of His Unbreakable Chain of Salvation
Foreknew, Predestined, Called, Justified, Glorified
How can we be sure? Hasn’t He failed with Israel?
Chapter 9
True - Majority of Israel stands condemned b/c
Not all Ethnic Israel belongs to the True Spiritual Israel
It is not based on descent, genealogy, heritage
It is not based on works, potential, good deeds
It is based on God’s election and His grace
God is Just and Fair in
Holding man responsible for his own willful rejection of God
Bestowing mercy and grace on whomever He pleases
God is glorified as either Judge or Savior
How does the church (called out ones) respond? (Chapter 10)
People of Passion (Burden for the lost)
People of Prayer (Praying for God to open hearts)
People of Proclamation (We preach the gospel)
People of Persistence (Lifelong Pursuit of God’s Glory)
Romans 11 - Paul closes
Recapping that God has not rejected Israel, He has not failed
Remembering how God uses Israel to accomplish His plan of salvation for the world, and how deep, vast, amazing the mind of God must be to work all of history together for His own glory.
William G. Wallace - Painting Tittle “3:16”
A large crowd of people gathers at the cross, young and old, rich and poor, white, black, native american, all kinds of people...
There is a roman soldier, an astronaut, a priest, a prostitute, a clown, a statue of Buddha… someone that represents all people groups from all across the world.
John 3:16 ESV
“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.
As we have finish up this difficult section (Romans 9-11), we continue all throughout to keep the cross at the forefront of our thinking…because the death and resurrection of Jesus is the linchpin of the gospel. Without this, the wagon falls apart, there is no hope.
Paul’s Two Illustrations
Look at me - Similar to Philippian 3:2
Israelite from Abraham, of tribe of Benjamin, circumcised, Pharisee, Keeper of the Law
Paul’s history was a persecutor of the church, but God had other plans....God foreknew (fore loved) him
I gained nothing, it is rubbish....my hope alone is Christ
Look at Elijah
Elijah says, “God, look at all this evil, no one trusts in you but me, and they are trying to kill me”
God - “I have kept for myself, 7000 men who have not bowed to Baal”
They have in common - “GRACE”
Paul and Israel had misplaced faith
Trusting their heritage
Trusting their good deeds
Thinking that they could carve their own path
But it took God’s grace to save them
God revealed himself to Paul, rather than kill him on the Damascus Road
God “kept for Himself”, 7000 men chosen by GRACE
Don’t miss this…let Grace, be grace
This is not just letting 7000 live
This is turning, capturing the hearts of 7000 men
This is God keeping for Himself a people for His own glory....to boast in His undeserved mercy and grace.
Paul - There was a remnant then, there is a remnant now, because God is dedicated to His own glory and name…He will not fail. He will not allow this to fizzle out.
What about those of Israel who have rejected Jesus?
God has hardened their hearts
We talked about how God hardens, by allowing men to further harden themselves…leaving them to themselves.
to further pursue their own pride, foolishness and destruction…
Paul says God hardened Israel for a purpose, so that salvation would come to the Gentiles…all nations.
But Then, he goes further and says salvation comes to the gentiles in order to make Israel jealous…so they will receive salvation.
Paul is saying that he is “making the most” of his ministry to the gentiles because in effect as He preaches the gospel of salvation to other nations, the nation of Israel takes notice of the message of the gospel and the effect God has on the lives of the people He saves, and it will lead them to eternal life.
He is going to give us an illustration of what He is talking about, and follow up with further explanation of God’s plan of which Paul is in awe...
The Illustration of the Olive Tree
Root - Pointing to God’s Covenant with Abraham
God calling Abraham out from a pagan nation
God promising Abraham blessing, land, heritage
Abraham trusting God, receiving all by faith
Some Branches Broken Off
Jewish People who have rejected Jesus as Messiah
They rejected God’s provision through Jesus
They looked for a King that will make them great not a servant priest who would die for their sin
But they can easily be grafted back in IF they do not continue in their unbelief
Wild Branches
Gentile Nations who God grafts in by faith in Jesus
Paul says that the attitude of Gentile believers should be continued faith in what God has done through Jesus on our behalf, and humility that He has acted on the behalf of undeserving people.
Now Paul will explain the mystery of God’s plan of salvation for not only Israel, but all nations.
Paul is summarizing and explaining all that He has just said...
Regards to Gospel - Enemies
For Your Sake
So Salvation Comes to the Gentiles…all other nations
Regards to Elect - Beloved
For the Sake of Forefathers
BECAUSE the Call and Gifts are Irrevocable (Sure, Faithful)
God made a covenant with Abraham, Issac, Jacob, Israel
He is faithful to His promises, even when it seems the majority of ethnic Israel has rejected God, He has kept for Himself a remnant for His own glory.
We are all consigned (judged) as disobedient
We were at one time (rebellious, rejected)
They are now rebellious, rejecting
ALL are judge as disobedient…(none righteous no not one)
Gentiles (all nations/people groups) can receive mercy
Jewish People can receive this same mercy
Paul being lead by the Holy Spirit in one stroke of the pen, recaps all that He has said in these first 11 chapters of Romans…that ALL people regardless of race, age, gender, nationality, profession are sinners that have rebelled against God, that have rejected God and deserve Hell, but that God has carved a way through all of History that leads to the cross, and His death for undeserving sinners.
Paul is in awe, in total amazement at the “bigness” of God, how that God has worked all of History to the glory of His great name, revealing everything in scripture in order for us to see His greatnesss....
what we find when we take it as a whole is that there is a history in it. It moves from predestination, to creation, to the call of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, to the bondage of Israel in Egypt, to the Exodus and the giving of the law and the wilderness wandering, to the promised land and the judges and the monarchy with Saul and David and Solomon, and to the divided kingdom of Judah and Israel, to the exile in Babylon and the return to the homeland, to the silence between the Old and New Testaments, to the coming of the Messiah - Jesus Christ - and the rejection of Christ by his people, to the crucifixion and resurrection and ascension, to the outpouring of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, to the fall of Jerusalem in 70 A.D., and on to the amazing spread of the lordship of Christ among more and more of the peoples of the world, including us.
So God uses Israel to bring into the world the Messiah, their rejection to bring salvation to the Gentiles, and one day, our salvation will bring the nation of Israel back to repentance…this is mind blowing, the gospel spreading through the entire world, coming full circle, that whoever would believe could have life eternal....
God working through thousands of years of history to ensure that every detail of scripture points to the absolute sovereignty of God, and the absolute need of this God’s mercy and grace in our lives...There is no room for human boasting.
He made everything, owns everything, He is in no one’s debt, He needs no one’s advice…From Him, Through Him, and to Him are all things, so TO HIM be GLORY FOREVER.
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