Do Not Lose Heart: What we are Called to do

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A journey through 2 Corinthians 4-5

Notes & Transcripts
It is a joy to be here.
My name is Kyle — introduce Liz and kids
Pastor of Rock Hill…tell story of meeting Chad, and House of Hope. How a bunch of people came to RH that were driving 45 minutes to an hour to get here.
When I was thinking and praying about our time together…two things kept coming up over and over.
I want to remember together what God has called us to do, and why it was worth saying goodbye to people we dearly love in order to pursue.
I want to encourage you to keep going. Life is hard. Church is hard. It is beautiful but it is hard.
As I’m not that profound, nor do you really need to hear from me, I was praying about a passage of Scripture that would encourage you in those things.
Why we are here continuing to plug away in ministry.
Why we are here continuing to plug away in ministry.
Why it is worth it.
A section of Scripture that God has used over and over in my life to do that is 2 Corinthians 3-5
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