Platforms: Elevating Sin

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Many modern American Christians have a hyper focus not on sin but on specific sins. They tend to save their passion for "God's Law" only for specific sin like homosexuality. But did Jesus focus on a certain sin or did focus on the brutality of sin itself. How did he view and treat 'sinners'? Did he bring judgement, condemation, etc.? Did he continually stand against sin or define sin for the sake of leading people to the Father?

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Reality of the Church

What is the reality of the current modern American Church? As a whole, do we mimic Jesus? Are we passionate about the same things he was passionate about? Do we operate in the same way he operated? Do we focus on the same things Jesus focused on?
Let’s compare.
But the view will be from an outside perspective. From an un-churched person’s point of view? The view will be from the world looking into the church.
The Modern Church:
What is being a Christian? Going to church.
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