Learning Through Storms

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Last time we look at Paul as bold witness, tonight we are going to talk about learning through a storm
Providence means what? Provision or care. It is God making provision for Paul to go to Rome
There are 4 types of storms or hard times people may face
Think about when you are going on a trip. You make plans to get to where you are going.
1. Storm meant to correct behavior
Sailors behavior
Sometimes we bring difficult times on ourselves and God uses those times to correct our behavior and sanctify us or make us like Jesus Christ
Example of Jonah
2. Storm meant to equip us to serve others
In our passage tonight God was providing for Paul so that Paul could go proclaim the Gospel to Rome
because Paul had been sailing many times he could minister to the sailors
sometimes we go through things so that we can minster to others
3. Storm to reveal who God is and who you are
The people on the ship were helpless. They started tossing off cargo and trying to do anything to stay alive
We are helpless people apart from Jesus. We can do nothing to fix ourselves.
4. Storm to remind us his presence
Paul was reminded of God’s presence even through the storm. Sometimes we need to be reminded that we are not the answer, that we cannot do everything on our own, but that God is the answer.
Not that we have no responsibility, but that we are to rely upon God and seek his will and he will always be with us.
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