Eight Commandment

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1. What is stealing? Read .
- To take without permission, something that does not belong to us.
- failing to give someone what you owe them/what they deserve
- include manipulation
2. What must you do if you stole something?
- pay back at least double.
3. Why do people steal?
- some for fun/challenge (depicted in movies we enjoy)
- ultimately demonstrates a lack of trust in God to provide.
- Optional: See for inseparable link between faith and obedience.
4. Contemporary examples of stealing.
- we usually think of pickpocket, snatch-theft, shoplifting, house/bank robbery
- kidnapping - slavery/sex trafficking, See - note the penalty
- plagiarism e.g stealing answers or ideas
-piracy (Passion of Christ was most pirated movies upon release, doubtful that they were mostly non-Christians).
- bribery indirectly steals from government.
- pay less tax
- lazy on the job
- letting things burn to claim insurance
- "steal hearts" () - manipulation and cheating, making them voluntarily give you their things
- See
- and rmb the Golden Rule
5. Is it possible to rob God?
- See . We rob Him when we don't give Him what belongs to Him.
- Ultimately all glory and praise, our very best, our very all.
6. Can we pay back God?
- No. Remember we are even required to "pay back double"
7. So how?
- Yes God forgives but to forgive means to absorb the lost yourself
- Jesus paid it all. See .
Christ - not only didn't hoard what was rightfully HIs (must less steal) He gave it up for us. Though He was rich became poor for our sakes.
8. See , for NT implications
- not only don't steal but work to provide for others (not just negative but positive)
- don't steal to make the teaching about God our Saviour attractive. What does that mean? Everybody (even cannibals) agree that stealing is wrong, proven by the fact that nobody likes to be stolen from. Affirming something they already believe in opens them up to more Christianity offers.
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