Man vs God

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Looking at five powerful beings who fought against God, yet lost the battle

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Intro: Since Adam first listened to Satan’s advice – – mankind has found himself in a battle against God – – which is a losing battle. This lesson will look at those who have tried to fight against God, the advantages they had, and how they still lost.


Ruler of Egypt, represents the power of a conqueror (bully)
God’s people had no national identity and were enslaved –
Pharaoh fought against the will of God – ; ;
He lost the battle – ;


King of Babylon (head of gold – ) represents the power of self-reliance and personal success
Even after learning much about God and being warned – – he was tempted by pride to commend himself
He lost the battle by living as a beast for a period of time – 4:33


Wealthy, wise king of Israel – – represents the cleverness of man
He set his mind to find meaning in philosophy – ; , – and physical pleasure –
He lost the battle with God by losing most of his kingdom –


Beautiful, seductive, worldly queen of Ahab – ; – she represents the appeal of sensuality –
She promoted the sensual worship of Baal and Asherah and fought against the pure worship of God – ;
She lost the battle and her life –


Terrifying, powerful dragon – – and the beasts, false prophet, and harlot who all serve him, represent Satan and all the forces that he uses to fight against God and His people
Satan uses all means of this world to terrorize, deceive, and seduce people away from God – , ; ;
Yet, Satan (dragon) also loses his battle against God, along with all his servants – , ; ; ,
Concl: It should be evidently clear that anyone who chooses to fight against God is doomed to lose. We have nothing to fear from those forces who oppose us. But, God gives each of us the opportunity to join Him, instead of fighting against Him. Will you accept that opportunity?
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