Entrusting Yourself to a Faithful Creator

Notes & Transcripts



1 PETER 4:12-19

I.                    Introduction

a.       Preview

                                                               i.      Peter returns to one of the major themes of this letter. 

1.      Encountering opposition from the world due to their faith

                                                             ii.      Nobody wants to be an outcast

1.      The desire for community is strong.

2.      Christ followers walk a different path

a.       This invites criticism/phys harm.

b.      Tendency to abandon or compromise the truth so to avoid being “different.”

                                                            iii.      Peter’s Encouragement

1.      It is worth it.  You do not need to be ashamed of your relationship w/ Christ.  You do not have to compromise, you can entrust your soul to your Creator. 

II.                 Do not be Surprised

a.       2 surprises

                                                               i.      The world is not pleased w/ your relationship w/ God. 

1.      Do not be surprised they don’t receive you

a.       The world does not mind religious people.

b.      The greatest sin:  Intolerance, that there is a way that is true to the exclusion of all others.

                                                             ii.      That God would permit us to suffer in trials.

1.      If I do good

a.       Encouraged by much of evangelical teaching.

2.      We have a weak view of God.

a.       As one is led by the Spirit we run into a God whose ways are not our ways.

b.      Transition

                                                               i.      God loves you so much that He will do all that is necessary to get you through heavens gates, even if He must take you through the fire.

c.       For your testing

                                                               i.      This is not some unplanned, haphazard event. It is the sovereign plan of God

                                                             ii.      These ordeals are not for your destruction but for your testing.

III.               Rejoice in Suffering.  Really?

a.       Clarification

                                                               i.      Not for foolishness or living in a fallen world, but for living for God in opposition to the ways of the world.

b.      Comparative Clause

                                                               i.      To the degree that you share in the sufferings…keep on rejoicing.

c.       So that also

                                                               i.      We rejoice now in the fellowship of His suffering, so that also we will rejoice in the fellowship of His glory.

                                                             ii.      Excessive joy

                                                            iii.      Not drudgery, but rejoicing that you are walking in His footsteps so that when you see Him face to face you will rejoice exceedingly in His victory.

IV.              Unashamed.

a.       Reviled.  Speech

                                                               i.      You are blessed (Matthew 5:11)

                                                             ii.      Because the Spirit of glory and God rests upon you.

b.      What is the mark of a believer

                                                               i.      Acts 1:8.  Witness (Gr. Marturos= witness). Not limited to one who dies.

1.      From people weak and scared to people who bore witness to Christ.

2.      Bearing witness of Christ of greater value than one’s good name.

c.       Not for lawlessness

                                                               i.      Persecution is no excuse for lawlessness.  Suffering for evil is not mark of Spirit

d.      Be unashamed

                                                               i.      Being Christ imitator is not a cause for shame

1.      Standing for righteousness in a contrary world is not shameful

2.      Loving God more than the praises of men is not shameful

e.       But glorify God in that name.

V.                 Bearing Witness

a.       Anticipated judgment is at hand

                                                               i.      If God allows fiery trial to His own and they are saved w/ difficulty what will happen to sinners in His judgment?

1.      Bel exp God’s glory and presence, considering His revelation.  But the one who inflicts is filling his cup of God’s wrath.

b.      Saved w/ difficulty.  See Lot and children of Israel. 

VI.              Entrust life to a faithful Creator

a.       Crux of the passage

                                                               i.      Belief that God is faithful

                                                             ii.      That He will do right.

b.      Entrust

                                                               i.      Banking term. Deposit for safe-keeping.

1.      I peter 1. 

c.       God is calling for you to entrust your very life to Him, who has given you life.

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